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Nervous About Boudoir? Beauty Sessions Are Your Answer | Austin Fine Art Portrait Photographer Kelly Cameron

“I really want to do a boudoir session, but I have to get in shape first.” “I know my guy would LOVE it if I did boudoir, but I just don’t feel comfortable with my body yet.” “I’m not brave enough for a boudoir session.” “Boudoir sessions?  No way you’d get me to do one…

Dark Beauty, Vino Love |Boudoir Photography at The Vineyard at Florence | Austin Boudoir Photographer Kelly Cameron

What is boudoir photography?  In essence, it’s a session that celebrates the sensual side of each of us.  Though each photographer has their own approach, I like to focus on artistic expressions that bring out the unique beauty and personality of each of my clients.  The setting, the wardrobe, the hair and make up all…

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  • David PeralezJuly 25, 2014 - 6:18 pm

    You really pulled this 2nd session off! Perfect lighting on the B&W with the wine bottle and shower. Very dark and sensual! Gorgeous model.

Boudoir Session Featuring Divaz Fabula at The Vineyard at Florence | Austin Photographer Kelly Cameron

Boudoir photography has become incredibly popular in the last few years.  Replacing glamour shots, boudoir photography evolved, turning from something most folks viewed at “risque” to a form of art that can be so elegantly done, and therefore a treasure for any woman to have.  This is how you looked in this moment of time,…

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Bachelorette Parties & Girls Nights at Schwertner Ranch | Central Texas Boudoir Photographer Kelly Cameron

The warm sunlight streams in from the wall of french doors facing out to the sapphire pool and endless acres of ranch land.  The leather couch cradles you in supple comfort.  You take a deep breath in…and slowly exhale, a rising sensation of pure contentment and happiness well up inside of you. This place feels…

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  • Vua Đóng GạchJanuary 9, 2015 - 9:57 am

    đẹp quá

Vintage Hollywood Glamour Pin-Up Session | Austin Boudoir Photographer Kelly Cameron

Meet Anna Schatte.  An actress in Austin, TX headed to Los Angeles this spring and she will certainly take Hollywood by storm.  Anna was our model for the test shoot for Saturday, Jan. 12th’s Hollywood Vintage Pin-Up sessions in prep for Valentine’s Day and I could not be happier with the result AND am beyond…

Behind the Scenes: Hollywood Glamour Pin-Up Sessions | Austin Boudoir Photographer Kelly Cameron

I wanted to do something special for Valentine’s.  Something different.  There are lots of boudoir sessions and specials I’ve seen floating around as the big Day of Love approaches and boudoir is a passion of mine so I thought, “Let’s be glamorous in the vein of the Golden Age of Hollywood.”  That’s what we’re doing…

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