Be In Your Joy

I was listening to a podcast that addressed three big questions.

“Wherever you are in life, ask yourself: what am I doing, why am I doing it and is it in the highest divine alignment with my authentic blueprint?”


{My motley crew.}

If the last question is too hippy-dippy for you, try replacing it with, “Is it good for me?”  I think that works.

While those are epic questions -and yet fundamental; we should all know the answers to them in order to live with fulfillment- one of the phrases I have jotted down next to my computer is

———>  BE IN YOUR JOY  <———

When I think of this phrase, my mind immediately goes full-on Pinterest.  I see dreamy beaches and palm trees, hammocks, I’m wearing a sundress and have enviable waves in my balayage-colored hair which are blowing in the sea-scented breeze, a passport full of stamps covering the globe, children that happily tag along on these travels, dressed in perfectly coordinated, hip outfits as they serenely hold hands with each other and never fight…

Not. Happening.

My hair is short and straight and my kids will always get on each other’s (and my) nerves because we’re human.


We create our happiness.  We are fully responsible for our own happiness, for owning our lives.  So as we look at our lives -the life we’re living *right now*- identify where the joy is.  Hold a magnifying glass up to is.  Focus on it.  Make it a big deal.  Put your energy towards it, nurture it as you would a seedling, as tenderly as you would your infant.

The podcast goes on to say that as you spend as much time as possible every day in your joy, it multiplies.  Joy begets joy.  It makes joy babies.  Love works the same way, too.

And isn’t it interesting how when we focus on the good, that’s what multiplies in our lives?

Simply magical, that.

Note: This session is a perfect example of Joy in *Real Life.*  My mother’s birthday was approaching and I wanted to snap some photos of the kiddos to gift to her.  Like most kids (and people, if we’re honest) mine really, really, really don’t like taking pictures.  Families?  I sympathize.  I live there, I know your story.  Trying to wrangle my 4 for a solid shot was a monumental challenge but: we sang Old MacDonald, played Peek-a-boo, planned a pizza party for dinner, kept it happy and joyful.

In the end, I got the magic I was looking for.  I may not have had time to wipe my toddler’s face clean or change the babies apple-stained outfit before hand… or even cared what everyone was wearing, BUT: this joy is going on my wall.  And it made my mother’s birthday.  In my book, that spells success.

Life is not perfect -you aren’t expected to have it all together.  As long as we wake up and choose to try to be 1% better than yesterday, we’re on an upward trajectory.  And that means life can be so, so good.