Austin Family Portraits | Bubble Gum and Button Ups

We just luck out on charm all the time here in Central Texas, don’t we?  Adorable, somewhat forgotten small towns simply brimming with character -love at first sight.  So that makes taking family portraits a bit more fun, a bit more funky, a bit less like e’rybody else.  Because no two families are the same.  Like these amazing folks right here.

School, we’re too cool for you.  Aren’t they dashing?

Ever lovebirds.

“We are family, I got all my peoples with me!”  Sing it now!

One of the things I like to get with every family shoot is stand-alone portraits of each person.  It’s like school pictures, but without the bad hair day or the cattle call feel.  We shoot for a bit all together to get everybody warmed up, then we’ll go in for the close up once everyone’s limber and then?  Magic.  Frameable magic all the grandparents be scrambling for to decorate their walls and mantles.

I like to mix it up with a classy then casual look, so you have something like “Prep meets Personality.”  Everyone likes to look good in a photo and it can be hard to decide what to wear -what we normally don or our Sunday duds?  How ’bout both?  This family chose wisely and did just that -and I love the result!  We had snazzy dressy looks as well as casual fun attire that made everyone relax and bring out all the personalities in the family.

I had a crazy idea of blowing some BubbleYum for our last shot and I learned two valuable lessons.

1) You cannot help by laugh when you’re all trying your best to blow bubbles

2) it takes 15 minutes to warm up a piece of bubble gum for optimal bubble blowage.

The result was classic!