About Kelly

One of the key elements in selecting a photographer is personal connection.  First of all, you have to love their work.  Secondly, you have to feel comfortable with them and confident that their personality will blend with -even enhance- the shoot experience.  This is particularly key in weddings.  Your wedding photographer follows you around, interacts with your dearest loved ones and plays a key role in setting the tone of your celebration.  I always strive to respect and celebrate with every shoot; full of positivity and making sure your moments get captured in the spirit they are meant to be enjoyed in!

I have a passion for people and creativity, which is an extreme joy to exercise in my photography.  Each shoot is personal for me; every client a friend.  Whether I’m shooting a wedding or capturing a family’s love, I get giddy at being part of something that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Often I’m asked if I have a favorite type of shoot.  Honestly, no.  I love that every situation provides creative challenges and each job is unique.  When I shoot with clients, it’s a delight getting to know them, put them at ease and enjoy the creative process together.  I love what I do.

I am a mother of three little rascals, wife of one hunky hunk, was born and raised in Alaska, transplanted to Central Texas.  I love dancing in the kitchen with my kids, chocolate, creating adventures, mysteries, acting, dresses, bare feet, and smiling.  A lot.